What to write about in 2020 - the most popular blog post topics

Are you struggling to decide what to write about when it comes to creating content for your blog? Choosing a topic that people will be truly interested in can make or break your blogging success! Discover what will be the most popular blog post topics for 2020.

In almost four years of blogging, I have noticed a pattern – several ideas always drive a bigger audience than others. (Well… duh!) But what popular blog post topics can we see especially successful, over and over again?

Before we dive into the list of the most popular blog post topics for 2020, remember: there is no need to follow the crowd just to get more blog visitors. However, if you struggle to decide what to write about and if you feel like you have something to share in any of these topics, make sure to include it in your blog schedule.


The best topics to get more readers


Table of Contents

The most popular blog post topics for 2020: what to write about?!

Keep in mind, this list includes popular blog post topics that are written by and for online business owners.

If you are in any other niche, you might not see the relevance or find the same results.



“Everybody needs money, money, to live in a location sunny, sunny” is a weird song we like to sing in our friend’s company… But, I mean… it’s true! Everybody NEEDS money and, let’s be honest, our online businesses are created to drive income.

What’s the ultimate goal behind it – that’s another story. But money is important and it’s also a tabu topic.

How much does a blogger make? How much can you get for displaying ads? How much should one ask for a sponsored post?!

But it goes well beyond blogging. We rarely even know how much our significant other really makes…

And sometimes there are no clear answers until blog posts are written. From bloggers, from their own specific experience in each one of these fields. From field professionals, sharing real-time insights.

One of the reasons why people are scared of the money topic is because it’s hard to say what is “normal”. While getting an additional $200 per week might be a lot for me, for someone it’s an hourly wage. That’s where the “shame of what others will think” and similar issues come in place.

We all come from different backgrounds, we have different needs and perspectives. And that’s what makes the whole money topic so interesting!

It’s also ironic how we never want to share our own numbers but want to know those of others…

Maybe that’s why the topic of money is #1 of the most popular blog post topics.



To make money, one has to be productive. The same goes for making anything happen, really. Maybe that’s why productivity comes in the strong second position as one of the most popular blog post topics.

How to be more productive on a daily basis? What are the most popular productivity tactics to use? How to do more but also find more free time?

One of my most-read posts of all time is Start doing instead of planning. It’s talking about how to put all your knowledge into action and become more productive not in terms of planning time but actually GETTING RESULTS.

The good news is – there are many different perspectives and approaches to take, therefore, I’m sure you have something to share!

No wonder platforms like Medium have new articles on Productivity every-single-day.


POPULAR BLOG POST TOPIC #3 Statistics (numbers, yet again)

It all comes back to numbers and some real-life experiences from other people just like us.

All kinds of stats are rocking the world of the most popular blog post topics.

How to get bigger traffic to your website? How to get more blog readers? How to grow Pinterest and e-mail list?

Honestly, numbers don’t even matter THAT much. For real. I’ve more than once proved myself that sales happen because of connections and finding THE right audience, instead of just growing the numbers… But people still like to see and know how to improve their stats.

I’ll admit I’m a huge fan of such topics. I really enjoy looking into other writer strategies – they not only inspire myself to try something new but also show how anything really is possible.

So many different people all over the world are setting and reaching great goals!


Passive Income Challenge: learn passive income strategy that works!



Here’s yet another popular blog post topic of the 21st century.

How to care for oneself?

With more and more options there are more things we WANT to do but, in reality, people are not created to constantly “hassle”.

We need to relax, to take care of our health, to sleep enough and eat well.

Topics on how to incorporate fitness in a busy schedule or find a better balance between work and life are booming right now and I’m sure they’ll be doing so for a good while more.

Here are just some of my articles on self-care, all of which have proven to be great stat boomers!



In the community of online business owners, there really is a big variety of people.

While some have fully left their careers and 9-to-5 office jobs, others are just in the process of doing so. Either by quietly side-hustling their way up there or learning new skills to build a business from zero.

That’s where such career change posts come in handy.

How to navigate the jungle of online business? How to start a business from zero? How to learn new knowledge? After all… where to find the inspiration and power to do all you’re dreaming of?!



While we do our best to be unique and outstanding, people still want to always learn more about TRENDS.

What’s working the best? What are the most used tools? What’s coming up next year? What people will like to see? What’s going to sell?

Back in 2015, I wrote one of my first viral articles – on web design trends for 2016. Shocked by the number of readers it brought to my blog, I later recalled it “Web design trends from 2016” and it continued booming for several more months.

This year, I also decided to come up with a similar trend article – about web design trends for 2019, including trendy WordPress themes to use. You guessed it right, it’s already on my TOP 3 of the most read articles!


The most popular blog post topics for 2020


This is only a small part of the best blog topics to drive attention. After all, unique and original approach gets noticed as well and sometimes that one unique post can actually trigger a whole new trend!

Don’t be afraid to stand out but give a try to some of the most popular topics as well and see where it takes you.

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Review of: Private Luxury Tour: Day trip to Agra with Taj Mahal, Fort and lunch at ITC Mughal After a longish drive by our careful driver, Sunil (who seemed to be following all the traffic rules in spite of the craziness around him), we met our guide, Jugnu, in Agra. Jugnu was warm and funny and friendly. He was great about explaining the history of everything but then stepping back and just letting us wander around. He also took tons of pictures for us. In spite of the 39 or 40-degree weather, we had a marvelous time.
We got lucky choosing this tour.

James W
Yokohama, Japan

Amazing personalised and professional tour operaters!
I am a very well-versed traveller of the world and have been traveling for 25 years and seen 34 countries. My sister turned 50 this year and her long-time dream has been to do a trip to India. I offered to assist her husband with the trip arrangements as we planned this trip as a surprise for her. From the time I started the research and the planning Apurva and Manish have been absolutely phenomenal to say the least. They custom designed a trip of 14 days which included the Golden Triangle with Jodhpur and Udaipur. The driver’s, hotels, tour guides and all excursions and transportation arrangements were awesome. Nothing is too much to ask and they bend over backwards to accommodate any requests ! My sister was in awe of everything and she even had an emotional spiritual experience at sun-rise at the Taj Mahal. This has really been such a memorable trip that she will always remember for the rest of her life ! Well done GeTS Holidays for your wonderful contribution to make this dream come true ! You truly live up to your promises and I wish you many years of making travel dreams happen !

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Once in a lifetime trip! Perfect in many ways
My 10-year-old daughter and I had an incredibly memorable time in June on the 5-Day “Golden Triangle” Tour of Delhi, Jaipur (Beautiful and Historic Pink City) and Agra (Taj Mahal). We booked our tours with GeTS Holiday for a private tour and requested an upgrade of all hotels. We had an amazing time and enjoyed the flexibility that a private brings (vs. group tour). We could spend a more or less time in certain attractions and landmarks. The GeTS Holiday team assigned a representative to welcome us in each city. The tour guides were very experienced. Our driver, Mr. V. Sharma was world-class and unbelievable with his skills as we know it is not easy to drive in India. A special thanks to Ms. Ritu from the head office in Delhi for checking on us daily to ensure we were having none other than an excellent trip. I had contact with all of the staff at GeTS Holiday from the initial inquiry, reservation, welcome and farewell and they are highly professional and very responsive.
We enjoyed the rickshaw ride in Old Delhi and took a detour to visit the Gandhi museum. We particularly enjoyed Jaipur, the Pink City. The local music, costume, and warmth of the people were one to remember. We enjoyed every palace visit and also the elephant ride. In Agra, Taj Mahal was absolutely impressive. Also memorable was the scenic drive through the countryside after leaving Delhi and the Tech area…..

West Palm Beach, Florida

Amazing Experience
I booked the one day tour from Delhi to Agra wiht Gets Holidays and cannot rave enought about this company! They were perfect from the begining! After I booked the tour, they contacted me via emial and what’s up to ensure I received all the infroamtiojn and that I had everytihng I needed and to wish me a great time during the tour 🙂 From my pick up at the airport, where I was greeted by Ravi with the most beautiful smile and friendliness, to the driver, Ravinder, who became a real friend, to the guide

Arianna R
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Great way to see the Taj Mahal
Would recommend. Hotel pick up and drop off included! Be prepared for a long ride as it’s several hours from New Delhi area to the Taj Mahal. Lunch is also included (and was delicious). Both our guide and driver were fantastic! Very personable and knowledgeable with history and culture. I really appreciated learning about everything while seeing it. They are also very sensitive to your needs, so if you want more explanations, they will provide. If you’d prefer to have less, they’ll be a bit quieter. It was also super nice for them to take pictures for us (and often times ask people to get out of pictures for better shots). Water was also provided and the car was private and air conditioned.

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India with Gets Holidays
In my recent trip to India I hired Gets Holidays to help me out with hotel bookings, airport transfers and so on… Being myself an elephant lover I reserved with them a tour pack called PHOTOGRAPHIC ELEPHANT SAFARI!
Had such a great time that I want to thanks Gets Holidays for the wonderful and helpful service provided. They are very professional and always ready to help. Special thanks for Sandra who really helped me out giving me all the support and information needed.
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We have traveled across the globe and used several companies but never had such an amazing experience. From the planning stage to the the final trip everything was flawless and well executed. The suggestions made during the planning trip made that difference which added to our “wow” experience. We would surely recommend this company and would be back for our Nepal trip very soon.

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UEFA club rankings

UEFA Champions League
10 Dec 2019 – Group stage
2 days to go


UEFA Europa League
12 Dec 2019 – Group stage
4 days to go


UEFA Champions League

Meet the round of 16 contenders

Meet the round of 16 contenders

Eight teams are already through with eight more berths to be filled before the 16 December draw.
Round of 16 draw: all you need to know

Round of 16 draw: all you need to know

Top scorers: Lewandowski leads Haaland

Top scorers: Lewandowski leads Haaland

Inside UEFA

Kessler on new UEFA Women's Champions League format

Kessler on new UEFA Women’s Champions League format

UEFA’s head of women’s football explains why the 2021/22 switch to a group format is a win-win.
Disability partnership at ten years

Disability partnership at ten years

EURO 2020 looks to focus on the fans

EURO 2020 looks to focus on the fans

UEFA Europa League

Who needs what to go through?

Who needs what to go through?

Arsenal, Roma and Porto are among 19 teams vying for 11 remaining places in the round of 32.
UEFA Europa League fixtures and results

UEFA Europa League fixtures and results

Top scorers: Three-way tie

Top scorers: Three-way tie


EURO 2020: all the fixtures

EURO 2020: all the fixtures

Turkey v Italy kicks matters off in Rome on 12 June: the full schedule.
EURO 2020 matches by venue

EURO 2020 matches by venue

Start planning your EURO

Start planning your EURO

European Qualifiers

Play-offs: who plays who

Play-offs: who plays who

The last four slots at EURO 2020 will be decided in March.
Team of EURO 2020 qualifying

Team of EURO 2020 qualifying

Highlights of every qualifier

Highlights of every qualifier

UEFA Youth League

Groups end Tuesday and Wednesday

Groups end Tuesday and Wednesday

Who is through to the round of 16? Who is set for the play-offs?
Domestic champions path report

Domestic champions path report

Watch group highlights

Watch group highlights

UEFA Women’s Champions League

New format from 2021/22: group stage

New format from 2021/22: group stage

A 16-team group stage with centralised marketing and TV will be introduced from 2021/22.
Quarter-final guide

Quarter-final guide

Vienna final: ticket sales

Vienna final: ticket sales


UEFA Women's EURO 2021 tickets

UEFA Women’s EURO 2021 tickets

Qualifying: how it stands

Qualifying: how it stands

Club coefficients

  •  Real Madrid (ESP)127.000
  •  Barcelona (ESP)116.000
  •  Bayern (GER)114.000
  •  Atlético (ESP)114.000
  •  Juventus (ITA)108.000
  •  Man. City (ENG)103.000
  •  Paris (FRA)95.000
  •  Liverpool (ENG)92.000
  •  Arsenal (ENG)88.000
  •  Sevilla (ESP)86.000


Association club coefficients

  •  Spain93.426
  •  England82.033
  •  Germany65.355
  •  Italy63.367
  •  France53.582
  •  Portugal47.249
  •  Russia45.216
  •  Belgium36.900
  •  Netherlands34.950
  •  Ukraine33.300


The UEFA club coefficient rankings are based on the results of all European clubs in UEFA club competition. The association club coefficient or country rankings take into account the results of all clubs from each association and are used to determine the number of entries an association is granted for forthcoming seasons.

"დღე, როდესაც ყველა კარგ ხასიათზეა" - როგორ ჩატარდა "ქართული ღვინის ფესტივალი 2019"
18:31 / 03-12-2019

“დღე, როდესაც ყველა კარგ ხასიათზეა” – როგორ ჩატარდა “ქართული ღვინის ფესტივალი 2019”

რა იწვევს ცისტიტს და როგორ ვუმკურნალოთ დაავადებას - უროლოგის რეკომენდაციები
14:18 / 04-12-2019

რა იწვევს ცისტიტს და როგორ ვუმკურნალოთ დაავადებას – უროლოგის რეკომენდაციები

რა სიახლეები ელის მაყურებელს "მხოლოდ ქართულის" მესამე სეზონზე
11:58 / 04-12-2019

რა სიახლეები ელის მაყურებელს “მხოლოდ ქართულის” მესამე სეზონზე

"ვარდისფერი სივრცე" - ადგილი, სადაც ქალები ძუძუს კიბოს წინააღმდეგ ერთიანდებიან
15:19 / 04-12-2019

“ვარდისფერი სივრცე” – ადგილი, სადაც ქალები ძუძუს კიბოს წინააღმდეგ ერთიანდებიან

პირველი ქართული ვიდეოპორტალი. ვიდეო, ტელევიზია გადახვევით, ქართულად გახმოვანებული ფილმები, და სხვა.

WRC 19: Radiocommunications for a better tomorrow

​​The World Radiocommunication Conference 2019 (WRC-19) – held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt from 28 October to 22 November 2019 – played a key role in shaping the technical and regulatory framework for the provision of radiocommunication services in all countries. Learn more

World Beach Games – Europe Qualifier Salou 2019



The first edition of the World Beach Games, which will be held in San Diego (California, USA) between 9th and 14th of October, is rapidly approaching, and the time for the teams to earn their berth there is almost upon us.

Beach Soccer Worldwide, in accordance with the World Beach Games Organizing Committee, has stablished a qualifying format for all the different confederations, with a play-off knockout system.

Between the 9th and 12th of May, Sports Complex Futbol Salou (Tarragona, Spain) will host the first of the continental qualifiers both in men’s and women’s division.  In the men’s pool, the best 16 teams in the European rankings will have the chance to fight for one of the four (or even 5*) spots available in San Diego as the Old Continent’s representatives.

At the same time, six Women’s teams will vie for one of the two places in the World Beach Games 2019, meaning that only the two finalists of the World Beach Games Qualifier Salou play-offs will travel to San Diego.

The next continental qualifiers to the World Beach Games San Diego 2019 will be released soon.


* The 5th best-ranked team and the 3rd best-ranked CONMEBOL team will vie for one berth.


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